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 How to set Japanese input in Windows XP Embedded (2GB)

Applicable Models
PL3000 series, PS371xA/ PS365xA/ PS345xA series (with Windows XP Embedded (2GB))

Because the default of the keyboard layout in Windows XP Embedded (2GB) is a US keyboard, Japanese input is invalid even if Japanese is selected in [Select Language] in the Langshell screen.
To enable Japanese input in Windows XP Embedded (2GB), please refer to the following procedure.

1. Disable (cancel) the EWF (Write Filter) (please go to 3 if the OS boots for the first time).
How to disable EWF (Write Filter)

2. Open [C Drive] -> [Proface] -> [LangShell] -> [LangShell] or [SetLangShell].
3. Restart the PC and the following window is automatically displayed. Then, click [Set the keyboard layout].

4. Click [Add].

5. Select [Japanese] in [Input language] and a keyboard layout for the keyboard in [Keyboard layout/IME]. Then, click [OK].

6. Select Japanese in [Default input language]. Click [Apply] and then [OK].
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