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 A screen freezes after IPC is turned ON and the message "Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter" is displayed.

Applicable Models
PL series, PS series (except for PS-G series)

This message indicates that OS cannot run due to a boot disk error.
Please check the followings.

1. If a floppy disk is still inserted, remove it and restart the IPC.
2. If peripheral devices are connected, disconnect all of them and restart the IPC.
3. If the IPC normally starts up without displaying the error, a HDD may not be recognized after the completion of the start-up. In this case, after the start-up, restart the IPC after a while to confirm if the error is displayed and a screen freeze occurs or not.

If a HDD is not recognized by BIOS *1, the hardware may have failure. Replace the HDD with a new one, and after performing the system recovery *2, check if the HDD is recognized or not. If the HDD is still not recognized even after replaced with a new one, it may be caused by hardware failure. In this case, please contact our repair service center for hardware repair.
*1 To see how to go to a BIOS screen, please refer to manuals.
Manual Download: PL/PS/FP Series

OS installation in the new HDD is required. To see how to perform the system recovery, please refer to the following link.
How to recover a hard disk (in a unit preinstalled Windows OS)

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