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 How to recover a hard disk ( in a unit preinstalled Windows OS )

Applicable Models
The following models with a hard disk preinstalled Windows OS

PL3000 series, PL-6930/7930 series,
PS-3710A/3711A series, PS-3650A/3651A series, PS-3450A/3451A series

* The solution in this FAQ is not applied to Windows XP embedded (CF card). Please go to the link below for the solution for Windows XP embedded.
How to recover WindowsXP embedded
* This FAQ is not applied to models preinstalled no OS.

This FAQ shows you how to recover a hard disk preinstalled Windows OS in IPC when replacing the disk or recovering the system.
- The recovery operation is to reset data in a hard disk to factory default. Therefore, the added or updated data in the hard disk to be recovered will be deleted during the operation.
- The recovery operation should be done without connecting the panel computer to any external storage such as USB memory device, CF card, or PCMCIA slot.
 Items required for recovering

- IPC unit to be recovered
- Hard disk supported for a IPC unit to be recovered
- Third-party CD/DVD drive to read a recovery disk *
- Recovery disk included with a hard disk preinstalled Windows OS
- Information of an OS product key included with a hard disk preinstalled Windows OS
- Keyboard

* PS-3710A has a CD-ROM drive as a standard device. Please use the CD-ROM drive for usual use.
 How to recover
1. Properly connect a hard disk to be recovered, a CD/DVD drive and a keyboard to an IPC unit. Then, insert a recovery media CD/DVD into the CD/DVD drive.

2. Turn on the IPC and immediately press the [F2] key. The BIOS setting screen as shown below appears. Move the cursor onto “Boot” with the “à” key on the keyboard.

3. In the [Boot] menu, press the [+] or [-] key so that the name of the CD/DVD drive inserted the recovery media would be displayed on the top of the order list.

When a CD/DVD drive as an option for PL-3000 or PL-x930, or PS-3710A is used, it is recognized as “IDE CD/DVD.” When a third-party USB CD/DVD drive is used, it is recognized as "USB CDROM."

4. Press the [F10] key and select [Yes] in “Save configuration changes and exit now?” to save the settings and restart the IPC.

5. After restarting the IPC, access to the recovery media to automatically start Symantec Ghost?.

6. After Symantec Ghost? Is started, the [Question] dialog box appears.
"Partition sizes correct?"

7. The capacity shown in the “New Size” column is to be recovered. Confirm the size and select [Yes]. If it is needed to be changed , select [No] to show the [Destination Drive Details] dialog box. In the dialog box, change the size and select [OK].

8. Select [Yes] on the [Question] dialog box after acknowledging that the hard disk status is reset to factory default.
"Proceed with disk restore? Destination drive will be permanently overwritten."


The recovery starts. When the recovery is completed, Symantec Ghost? ends and  the message below is displayed. When the message is displayed, turn off the IPC.
"Please turn off the computer."

10. After returning the power on, immediately press the [F2] key to enter into the BIOS setting screen.

11. Press the [F9] key. If [Yes] is selected for [Load default configuration now?], the BIOS is reset to factory default. Press the [F10] key to save the settings, and restart the IPC. After the IPC restarts, OS setup starts.

12. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up OS.
  [ Windows 2000 ]

[ Windows XP ]

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