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 How can I recover Windows XP Embedded?

Windows XP Embedded (CF card type) doesn't include recovery media. To recover damaged data in Windows XP Embedded, the data backed up to a CF card in advance and the XP Embedded CF card backup/recovery tool are required.
For the information on download of the tool and how to use, refer to the following URLs.
If you don't have backup data for recovery, contact your nearest Pro-face office.

 XP Embedded CF Card Backup/Recovery Tool
- Download
- How to use

- To use this tool, administrator authority is required.
- For recovering data to a new CF card, use a Pro-face CF card. If you use a commercially available CF card, data may not recover to normal.
- Card Bus type CF card adapters cannot be used.
- In case of using a Windows XP Embedded 2GB CF card, it requires 5 to 10 minutes for initial startup. Do not reset or turn off the power until the Langshell screen appears.
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