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 How to replace a HDD when Mirror Utility Software ( APL-SM3000 ) is used

Applicable Models
PL3000 series

This FAQ shows how to replace a HDD in the PL3000 series installed the Mirror Utility Software (APL-SM3000) in case that the disk gets damaged during mirroring operation.

Mirror Utility Software Error

1. Double-click the icon ( ) of System Monitor to check in which disk the error occurred.

In the case shown above, the error occurred in HDD0.

2. Replace the HDD0 with a new HDD. Because the PL3000 series supports hot-swap, the HDD can be replaced even keeping the power of the PL3000 unit ON.

Please go to the following link for how to replace a HDD.

PL3000 Series HardwareManual, “5.3.6 HDD/SDD Unit Installation”

3. After replacing the HDD, start the System Monitor and click the [Rebuild] button to restart mirroring operation. Even during the mirroring operation, access to HDD is allowed.

The mirror build time depends on the HDD unit you use. For details, go to the following link.

I want to know the mirror build time of the software mirroring utility (APL-SM3000).

4. After the mirroring operation, the status of the Mirror System changes to “Good.” Click the “Reset” button to clear the error of the System Monitor.

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