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 The BIOS parameters are changed automatically.

When the following case is seen on the PC, the BIOS parameters may have been changed automatically.

You found that the PL-x920 didn't connect to the LAN and checked the BIOS parameters, but the Integrated Peripherals -> Onboard LAN setting had been changed to [Disabled].
The calendar information shows completely different date and time, without obtaining time information from external resource such as internet.
The expanded ISA board doesn't work because of a communication error.

■ Solution

Replace the internal battery (a button cell or coin cell), set the BIOS parameters, and save the settings. For the procedure, see the following page:

An error "CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR" appears when powering up and the display unit doesn't start up.

■ Why are the BIOS parameters changed automatically?

General computer products including Pro-face panel computers are equipped with the BIOS, which manages connection status with hardware, calendar information, etc. The BIOS parameters are stored on an IC chip installed on the mother board of the computer.

The BIOS can keep the date and time information correct even while the PC is off. Being powered by a battery (a button cell or coin cell), the BIOS keeps running continuously.
When the battery runs out, the BIOS parameters cannot be stored and they are all reset to default. As a result, the cases above mentioned may happen.
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