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An error "CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR" appears when powering up and the display unit doesn't start up.

The CMOS battery (button cell) may have run out.
A CMOS battery is necessary to store BIOS settings in a computer. If you remove the rear cover of the PL series unit, you can find a button cell engraved with "CR2032" on the board, and that is the CMOS battery.
When this error occurs, it is recommended to replace the battery.

Compatible Battery
Service Life

Lithium battery CR2032
(Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.)

5 years

- The expected battery service life is 5 years, however the battery may die before then. It is strongly recommended that you replace the battery regularly.
- When the battery is replaced, the BIOS settings are initialized. Configure the BIOS settings again after replacing the battery.

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