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Compatibility of Bit Switch

GP-PRO/PB3's [Bit Switch] part is converted to GP-Pro EX's [Switch/Lamp] part - [Switch Feature].

Basically, the operation of GP-Pro EX's [Switch/Lamp] part is the same as that of GP-PRO/PB3's [Bit Switch] part, however, they may differ depending on the contents set in GP-PRO/PB3.

The setting condition by which the operation differs is introduced below. Please make changes referring it.

■ Setting Condition

Setting Before Conversion

In GP-PRO/PB3, when [Monitor] of [SW_NO_BORDER] (a switch part with no border) from the browser of [Bit Switch] part is checked,

Setting After Conversion

After conversion to GP-Pro EX, [No Shape] in [Switch/Lamp] part will be checked.

When [No Shape] is checked, the ON/OFF display cannot be used.

In order to enable Monitor in GP-Pro EX in the same way as GP-PRO/PB3, change the [Lamp Feature] settings of [Switch/Lamp] part.

How to change the settings

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