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 How can I output the informations which I have created with GP-PRO/PB III C-Package to Microsoft(R) Word File?
It is possible to output to Rich Text File (*.RTF) which can be opened on Microsoft(R) Word by using [Print] function of GP-PRO/PB III C-Package.

How to output the Screen Information to Word File

1. Please click [Print] from Project Manager.

2. Select [Print] tab and check on [Print to File]

3. Please check on the items which you would like to output, on the tabs of [Project Informarion] and [Screen].

Important notes

The Screen Data of Base Screen will be printed if you check on [Base Screen] on [Screen] tab.
Also, click [Detail] on [Screen] tab for more detailed settings.




4. Please click [OK] to save as.

5. The file which has been printed will be saved in Rich Text File(*.RTF).

This file can be opened on Microsoft(R) Word.

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