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 An address can't be enterd. (Invalid address)

[Symptom 1]

The message dialog box says [Invalid address] .
-> How to solve when [Invalid address] displays.

[Symptom 2]
[ENT] key is not available when entering with the keypad.

Please check 2 points below when you have this symptom.
1. You are entering with double-byte letters

Please check the devcice range of PLC and use an address within the range. Please make sure to enter an address with single-byte numbers and single-byte capital letters. If you enter double-byte letters, the Screen Creation Software will recognize the address as one out of the device range of PLC and the address can be registered as [Symbol].

2. You are entering an address out of the device range of PLC.

Please check whether PLC type that you have set with the Screen Creation Software is right or not, and if it is set right, please check whether the address within the device range of PLC is used or not.
* Please refer Device/PLC Connection Manual to confirm the device range of PLC.
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