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 The drawings which have been called on L Tag do not disappear
Is [Erase Mode] of [L Tag Setting] checked on [NO]?

What's [Erase Mode]?

{Erase Mode] is the setup to erase the pictures which have been called on L Tag.

If you set [NO], the pictures which have been called once will remain, not disappear. If you set [YES], the pictures will be erased in case of opposite of the actions which you have designated on Trigger Type ([0->1] or [1->0])


If [Erase Mode] is fixed as [NO]?

If Trigger Type is set as [Indirect] or [State], Erase Mode will be fixed as [NO]. [YES] is not available to set Erase Mode. In this case, please create Filled Rectangle on another Base Screen and put it on the pictures which you would like to erase.

In case that [Erase Mode] of [L Tag Setting] is checked on [YES}.

  Is the Bit which have been setup with Trigger Bit Address ON?
Please check overlap with other Tags, Parts, or Fills.

  If L Tags are put over another L Tag, or over other Parts or Tags, they will not be displayed/erased correctly. In addition, in case of using [Fill] on the original Base Screen which has been called, they will not be displayed/erased correctly when you call it with L Tag.
Please try [Rebuild] and [Force System Setup].


[Rebuild] is the tool for optimizing the project file. -> detail
After rebuild, transfer the project file by [Force system setup] again.Also turn on the check box of [Upload Information] and [GP system screen] at [Transfer Settings].

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