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 The message dialog says [Invalid address] when address registration. What does this mean?
If the address which does not excist in PLC is used or 2 bite letters(Japanes,Chinese,korean etc) are used when entering an address, you will be asked [Invarid address].

If the address is kept symbolized, it will causes an error of [Address Range Over] once the screen is transfered to GP.
Please click [Address Re-Enter] to enter a proper address in case that you do not use the symbol function.

What is [Symbol] registration?

This is the function which you can assign the address your liking name to find the address which you use with GP-PRO/PB III C-Package easily.

Instead that the address is set to a tag or a part, it can be set the screen as [Symbol Name].
The registered symbol can be entered or checked with [Symbol Editor].

How to display Symbol Editor

1. Please select [Symbol Editor] from [Screen/Setup] on [Project Manager].
2. After Symbol Editor is displayed, please click [Bit Symbol] or [Word Symbol] and enter Symbol Name or Word Address
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