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 I want to connect multiple GPs to one PLC

One master GP and 16 slave GPs can be connected to one PLC simultaneously.
Only the master GP communicates with the PLC. Slave GPs communicate with the master GP.
- Click here for Ether Multilink compatible models.
- GP-Viewer EX can be connected only to the master GP. Please refer to the following manual page for the information on GP-Viewer EX.
Reference Manual [Display or Operate a Computer from the GP]
- Using the same control device address on parts on screens of multiple GP units may not operate correctly.
For example, if the same address is set to the control word address of Data Block Display Graphs, even if the update graph action is initiated on the master GP, the graph on the master GP may not be updated and instead the graph on a slave GP gets updated. If this type of error occurs, set up a unique address for each GP.
- On the [Project Window] (for GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.0 or later)/[System Settings] window (GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or earlier) -> [Display Unit] -> [Display] tab, if you check the [Reflect in Device/PLC] box and the same System Area Start Address is used for the master and slave GPs, all the GP units will share these values.
For example, by sharing the [Current Screen Number], you can simultaneously change all the screens on the master and slave GPs.
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