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  The following is the recommended substitute models.

Your model Substitute models
PL5900 Series ( Type: PL590*-T** ( -*-233 ) )
PL5910 Series ( Type: PL591*-T** )
PL-3600T Series ( Type: APL36**-T* )
PS-3650A Series ( Type: PS365*A-T42*-* )
PS-3450A Series ( Type: PS345*A-T41-* )
FP-3500T Series ( Type: FP3500-T*1-* )
+ A third party PC

  See the following PDF about your models, hardware compare with recommended models, and notes for replacement.
PL5910 Series ( 849KB )
PL5900 Series ( 878KB )

  If you have questions, please contact your local Pro-face distributors.
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