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 I/O Checker

This sample project has been prepared to ease I/O check of devices such as PLC’s when connected to a GP series HMI.



Used together with the Pro-face Remote HMI, significant time savings can be achieved thanks to the following functions:
- I/O status and data register values can be stored in a CSV file. The I/O status and data register values of the connected are displayed on the SP/GP and can be acknowledged on the screen. Either status or value are stored in the SCV file together with the time and date information.
- Manipulation of I/O status and data register values Data register values can be changed and I/O statuses can be alternated via the SP/GP screen. These data can also be stored in CSV file including device address, value and date and time.
- The IO checker function can also be used with the Pro-face Remote HMI in conjunction with an Android or iOS enabled device.
* A wireless connection between the SP/GP and Pro-face Remote HMI enabled devices is required.

* SP5000/ GP4000 series support this functionality.
* Screen Editor GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.03.000 or later is required.
* We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be interrupted or error-free.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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