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 Hand Nutrunner Connection

You can connect GP4000/3000 series to a hand nutrunner “Handy2000” made by Estic Corporation via Ethernet (Modbus TCP) communication.

Supported Model
Estic Corporation Hand Nutrunner "Handy2000 series"
  1. Various monitor functions
    [Operation Monitor, I/O Monitor, Status Monitor, System Error]
With display of detailed various information as well as display like the Handy2000 unit’s front panel, it’s possible to always grasp a state of a device.
On the system error screen, not only error codes but also all information stated in the manual such as error cotents, causes, solutions and so on can be checked. That can help reduce a recovery time.
  2. Various parameter edit
    [Program Parameter, Multichannel Prameter, Job Parameter, Trace Job Parameter]
On the parameter edit screen, HELP Function that clearly displays meaning and setup scope of each parameter is available. It’s possible to change parameters quickly without the manual.
  3. Torque curve display when fastening
    Torque curve was checked in the past with [Handy2000 Management Software](EH2-PC-J/E) for PC, but it can be checked also on a GP unit’s screen.
  4. Quality data record function (saved in a CF/SD card) when fastening
    Using a GP unit alone enables users to record quality data without PC.
  5. Fastening position work instructions
    A picture of work is displayed and a fastening position is displayed on top of that during fastening work. Instructions are easy to understand.
*Trace Arm (an option) is required.

* GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.01.202 or higher is required.
* GP4501T/3500T series support this functionality.

We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be interrupted or error-free.

Download the sample program file and detailed description (PDF file).

Download this sample application!
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