Box Module LED Indications

Status LED

Color State Description
Green ON S0 (in operation)
Orange ON S3
Flashing System is starting up.
Red ON S4, S4 (hybrid shutdown)*1, S5
- OFF G3 (power is off)

*1 S4 (hybrid shutdown) is S5 when Windows® fast startup is enabled

Wake-up Events

The following is a table showing the statuses that are set to the normal startup (S0) state when each action is executed.

ACPI state Power state Power up Power button is ON Wake on LAN Touch input USB equipment*1
S3 Sleep
S4 Hibernate
S4 (hybrid shutdown) Hibernate
S5 Soft off
G3 Mechanical off

*1 Limited to USB devices that support the remote wake-up function.

NOTE: If you turn on the power when G3 is set, it directly enters state S0.

Storage Access LED

Color State Description
Green ON Storage is being accessed.
- OFF Storage is not accessed.

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