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 Whats Equipments needs?

LAN Hub(10+BASE-T/100BASE-T Compatible, Switching Type)

Used to connect all the Ethernet together.
LAN Hub is needs even when connecting one PC and one GP (one-to one connection).
The minimum number of ports required is a sum of PCs and Gps to be connected. When the ports are not enough, prepare plural LAN hubs and make a cascade connection. REfer to the operation manual of the LAN Hub for the connection method.

Ethernet Cable(10BASE-T/100BASE-T Compatible UTP straight cable)
Used to connect the PC and the GP
This cable is necessary even when connecting one PC and one GP (one-to one connection) since a LAN Hub is used even in this case. When you use across cable for connection, we dont guarantee the operation.
The minimum number of cables required is sum of PCs and GPs to be connected.

Network Adapter(LAN board/LAN card)
Used by attaching to the PC
When the Eternet port for system connection has been preinstalled on the PC, its not necessary to attach a network adapter.

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