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Otasuke FAQ's Book
Pro-Server with Pro-Studit
 1 FAQs for getting started
What's need at first? What should I do?
   1) What's need at first?
   2) What should I do first?

Action function doesn't operate.
GP can not be searched with search of the register node of Pro-Studio.

 2 Troubleshooting according to Error code
LAN thread initialization error is displayed and it cannot install.
The data of GLC is rewritten, and 2WAY Error occur.

 3 Specification (Operating environment)
Pro-Server with Pro-Studio Ver. 4.1

 4 Frequently asked Question
Although GP and PLC are connected with Ethernet, it is not connectable by Pro-Server.
2 Windows ® Is XP supported?
"No remote access right" appears.
 Connection with thermostat by OMRON Corp. , when LS area is registered as a symbol and set provider.

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