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Otasuke FAQ's Book
 Screen Creation FAQ
 How can the GP's screens be changed from the PLC?

Use the address to change screens in the system data area

Enter the screen number at destination in the address of [Change Screen NO.] in the system data area.
From the start address of the system data area (--> Here for confirmation), +8 word is the address to change screens. Write the screen number directly there.
(However, when 1 Address of PLC is 8 bit, the address will be +16, 17 from the start address)

The starting address of system area is D100.
When changing the currently displayed base screen 1 to the base screen 2 from the PLC, perform the following operations in the PLC.

1. GP displays the base screen 1.

2. PLC's data memory, D108 is 0.

3. It's an operation on the PLC side.
Write the data 2 in D108.

4. GP changes to the base screen 2.


For how to confirm the starting address of system data area, see Here

Supplement In case of the connection with Memory Link Format
In case of the connection with Memory Link Format, the Address 15 is the one to change screens.

When using parts special switches and changing screens from PLC, see here

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