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 Can't start  Windows XP embedded (Service pack 1)

When the power is turned ON, the message of [Now starting Windows XP.....] is displayed and the screen can't be changed.

[EWF(Write filter feature)] is not set and the period of the log-on password is not set [No limit].

When your WIndows XP embedded is service pack 2 or later, this symptom doesn't occur.

" The term of your password will expire X days later. Do you renew your password?" or "The term of your password already have expired" is shown.
However the message window is not displayed in front of the screen, it hides behind the screen of [Starting Windows XP....] .

Press Alt+Tab key and display the password window in front of the screen.

When you use EWP(the write filter feature) , we recommend to set the period of the log-on password [No limit].
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