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 OS does not start up for PS365xA-T42

 Applicable Models
 PS365xA-T42 (Configuration of internal HDD with installed OS and CF card without OS)

When PS365xA-T42 does not preceed to start up because the error message, "Non-System disk or disk error~" is displayed, please follow the instructions below.
■ Instruction
1. Connect an USB keyboard with a main unit.
2. Turn ON the power of the main unit, and then press [ F2 ] key at once.
3. After BIOS screen is displayed, press [ -> ] key, and then move to [ Boot ] tab.

4. Point the cursor at [ SATA DEV: ] with [ ↓ ] key.
Next, every time [ + ] key is depressd, the order of priority gets higher.
Set [ 1: SATA DEV: ] as the diagram below indicates.

5. After pressing [ F10 ] key, select [ Yes ] and save to quit. That's all.
For PS365xA-T42, a CF card is set at the higher order of start-up than an internal HDD because of factory setting.
Therefore, when a CF card with no OS is connected, OS does not start up from HDD.
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