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 The OSD (Screen Display Adjustment) screen doesn't appear on the screen of a FP unit.

Applicable Models
FP3000 series, FP2000 series

If the OSD (Screen Display Adjustment) does not appear on the screen of a FP unit even though the certain operation is made to display it, confirm the following two things.
[1] If no image signal is input to the FP (the "No signal" error) or the display area is smaller than the area required to display the OSD (the "Out of range" error), the OSD does not appear.
You can also see what mode the FP is in by looking at the front LED. If the color of the front LED is other than green, the OSD does not appear.

Front LED Status List (for the FP2000 & FP3000 series)

[2] Confirm if the DIP switches of the FP is set "not to display the OSD."
About OSD
What is OSD?
  In the FP, the image display settings can be adjusted by making a touch operation on the menu displayed on the screen. This feature is called "OSD" (On Screen Display). For the settings and functions which can be set via OSD, please refer to the user manual and installation guide of the corresponding model.
How to display OSD
  The OSD is displayed in the center of the screen when the three corners of the touch panel are pressed within 5 seconds in the following order: the upper left (1), upper right (2) and lower right (3). In the OSD mode, the touch signals are valid only to the OSD and are not output to external devices until the settings are done.

  Even when a USB cable or serial (RS232C) cable is not connected, the OSD can be displayed and operated.
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