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 Wake On Lan doesn't work when hibernation is enabled.

Applicable Models
PL3000 series, PS371xA/ PS365xA-T42/ PS345xA series (Only LAN2 in all models)

For use of Wake On Lan (WOL) when hibernation is enabled, the setting for power management is required. For the setting, please refer to the following.

- What is hibernation?

Hibernation is a state which saves all the current settings in a PC to a HDD and powers the PC down. When the PC is powered back up, it is restored to the state it was in right before being powered down.

- What is the difference between hibernation and standby?
  Hibernation and standby modes look the same on Windows, but they are not. Hibernation saves the current settings in a PC to a HDD when the PC is powered down, and the power is completely cut off. On the other hand, standby saves data in PC memory and maintains power to the memory.
If the following procedure is taken, hibernation in Ping packet, etc. is also cancelled in accordance with the Windows specification.
1. Open [Control Panel] → [System] → [Hardware] → [Device Manager].
2. Open the property of the network controller supporting WOL.

Ex.) PS3711A-T42 LAN2: Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC

3. Click the [Details] tab and confirm the settings are set as below.
- Shutdown Wake-On-Lan: Enable
- Wake-On-Lan Capabilities: Pattern Match&Magic Packet
(The default settings are the same as shown below.)


Click the [Power Management] tab, and check "Allow this device to wake the computer."


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