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 How to adjust the brightness of the screen

Applicable Models
PL3000 series, PL-x930 series,
PS-371xA/ PS-365xA/ PS-345xA

The following is the way of how to adjust the screen brightness.

If you use a IPC model without OS preinstalled, you need to install the utility for the model you use. Please go to the following link to download the utility.
Utility for PL3000 Series
Utility for PL-x930 Series
Utility for PS-371xA Series
Utility for PS-365xA Series
Utility for PS-345xA Series

1. Go to [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel], and double-click [Backlight Brightness].

2. The [Backlight Brightness] window appears. The brightness can be adjusted in four levels with a slide bar.

Brightness Level 1: Very dark
Brightness Level 2: Dark
Brightness Level 3: Bright
Brightness Level 4: Very bright

The factory default is "Brightness Level 4."
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