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 How to save a user name and password to log into Internet Explorer on Windows XP Embedded.

Applicable Models
Models with Windows XP Embedded ( CF card )

In the environment to access the web server which does not accept the access from anonyms, the login screen shown below to input a user name and password is sometimes displayed.
Although Windows XP has the authentication feature for saving the user name and password, this feature is invalid on Windows XP Embedded regardless of whether EWF (write filter) is on or off.

 How to save a user name and password

Open “Control Panel” and then “User Account.” Create an account other than “Administrator,” and log in again.

- If an account other than “Administrator” is registered, “Administrator” becomes invalid to log in.
- This phenomenon occurs when the login is made to Windows XP Embedded with the account of which the Security ID is reconfigured.
- The user name and password cannot be saved because the reconfiguration of Security ID for “Administrator” is automatically made by factory default.
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