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 Precautions for use of Mirror Utility Software ( APL-SM3000 )

Applicable Models
PL3000 series

Please do not take the following operations for use of the Mirror Utility Software. These operations cause the [Rebuild] button not to work and mirroring to fail, that users cannot recover by themselves.

-  Do not switch between Disk0 (HDD0) and Disk1 (HDD1) for use.
-  Do not use a HDD mirrored in another unit.
-  Do not use a HDD which has been damaged at least once.
-  Do not remove a HDD when the mirror disk status is “Good” or “Rebuild.”
-  Do not use a HDD which was in the drive when the rebuilding was interrupted.

If the [Rebuild] button does not work because either one of the operations above is taken, please contact our sales office in your country or region.

Software Mirroring Utility Reference Manual “3.3 Restrictions”
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