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 Nothing displays on screen, but only an error message.

Applicable Models
FP3000 series, FP2000 series

The followings are points to be checked and countermeasures when only an error message is displayed on screen. Click the corresponding error below.

■ No Signal
■ Out of Range
No Signal

Image input signals are not recognized. Check the followings.

- Is the connected PC ON?
- Is the cable connected in the proper way?
- Depending on a PC connected, a FP unit should be turned on first. After turning on a FP unit, turn on a PC.
Out of Range

The resolution or frequency set in the PC does not match the supported range in the FP unit. Connect the PC to another monitor, and change the setting of the resolution or frequency to the one within the supported range in the FP unit.

Because Windows XP and Vista support only SVGA or above, the FP3500, FP2500 and FP570 series, for which supported maximum resolution is VGA, cannot be used with a PC with those OS.

For supported resolutions and frequencies, please refer to manuals.
FP Series Manual PDF

< Supported Resolutions (in the existing models) >
FP3500T: Up to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)

FP3600T: Up to 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)

FP3650T/ FP3710T/ FP3710K: Up to 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)

FP3900T: Up to 1280 x 1024 pixels (SXGA)

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