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 The touch panel doesn't respond. (PL and PS Series)

Applicable Models
PL3000 seris, PLx930 series, PLx920 series, PL5910 series, PL5900 series, PS-A series

Check the following items if a display doesn't respond to touches in the applicable models listed above.

1. Is a touch panel driver installed?
2. Is the touch panel driver properly configured? (Touch panel driver for Windows: "UPDD")
  Hardware (for RS232C connection)
  Advanced Settings

- Refer to the following link if "ATPH59", a touch panel driver for MS-DOS is used.
PL5910 Series User Manual
- 8.1 MS-DOS Utility Programs

- Refer to the following link for the case of the FP series.
The touch panel doesn't respond. (FP Series)
1. Is a touch panel driver installed?

A touch panel driver is needed for touch operation in IPC.
If there is the [Start] menu -> [Programs] -> [UPDD] in the IPC, the touch panel driver is already installed, and go to the 2.
If there is not, install the touch panel driver. The software is downloadable for free from the following web page.

■ Windows (UPDD)
- Mouse Emulation Software Download Ver.3

- MS-DOS Touch Panel Communication Program Download

- For the case of models other than the PL3000, x930, x920, 5910, 5900 and PS-A series, touch panel drivers different from "UPDD" and "ATPH59" are required. For the supported drivers, refer to the following link.

[Version & Version Upgrade Information] -> [List of Supported Drivers for Touch Panel]

2. Is the touch panel driver properly configured? (Devices)

Go to the [Start] menu, and select [Programs] -> [UPDD] -> [Settings].
Click the [Devices] tab. The communication method for touch operation is displayed in the area marked with a red cricle.

For USB connection: Digital, TSC-1310D Series, USB
For RS232C connection: Digital, TSC-1310D Series, Serial

Check whether the communication method in the [Settings] corresponds to the one for the applicable model in the following table.
If it does not correspond, change the setting with the [Modify...] button.
Series Communication Method
PL3000 Series USB
PLx930 Series USB
PLx920 Series RS232C (COM4)
PL5910 Series RS232C (COM4)
PL5900 Series RS232C (COM4)
PS370xA Series USB
PS371xA Series USB
PS365xA Series USB
PS345xA Series USB

- For the models allowing for switching interface between USB and RS232C, check whether a DIP switch setting corresponds to the communication method.
(The unit should be restarted after the DIP switch setting is changed.)
For DIP switch settings, refer to manuals for each of the models.
2. Is the touch panel driver properly configured? (Hardware: for RS232C connection)

Go to the [Start] menu, and select [Programs] -> [UPDD] -> [Settings].
Click the [Hardware] tab to check the [Communication Port Settings], whether "COM4" is selected for the [COM Port] or the [Auto Detect] is unchecked.
2. Is the touch panel driver properly configured? (Advanced Settings)

Go to the [Start] menu, and select [Programs] -> [UPDD] -> [Settings].
Click the [Advanced] tab, and check whether [Enabled] is checked.
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