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 I would like to know compatibility between the FP700 series and recommended replacement models.

Recommended Replacement Model
  FP3710 series

- Compatibility between recommended replacement models and previous models can be seen on our website. Please refer to the following link.

Discontinued Items - FP Series

  Item Compatibility
Hardware Panel Cut-out Dimension Not compatible
External Dimensions Compatible
Connection Cable Analog RGB (for display) and RS232C (for touch panel control) interfaces are compatible. The connection cable can be used in the replacement model too.
PS/2 The FP-3710 series is not equipped with PS/2 interface. USB can be used as an alternative.
Display (Display area, resolution) The sizes of display areas are different. The resolutions are compatible.
Bezel Color Different (changed from black to silver)
Power Supply Changed from a terminal block to an European connector.
Software Touch Panel Driver
(Mouse Emulator)
Not compatible *

* After uninstalling the touch panel driver (Remove Programs) used in the FP700 series, install the touch panel driver for the FP3710 series.
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