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 Clock Set up Error

The backup battery is running low.

Counter measure:
When the lithium battery for clock backup is running short, an error occurrs. To fix the error, you need to turn the GP's power OFF and then On again.
Leave the GP ON continuously and the battery will become sufficiently charged for backup after 24hours, and will be fully charged in approximately 96 hours. In the battery is incorrectly replaced, the battery may explode. DO NOT replace it.
Please contact to your local Pro-face distributor.

After changing the backup battery, adjust clock setting.
The lifetime of the backup battery depends on the ambient temperature and the amount of current being charged and used. The table below gives a general indication of how long the battery will last.

Battery Temperature 40°C or lower 50°C or lower 60°C or lower
Expected lifetime 10 years or longer 4.1 years or longer 1.5 years or longer

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