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 GP Pro-EX and GP-PRO/PBIII C-Pakage Compatiblity
Convertible Software Version
Project files (*.prw) created in the software GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows Ver. 1.0 to Ver. 7.29 (a logic program for GLC: Pro-Control Editor Ver. 1.0 to Ver. 5.1) and the accompanying data can be converted.
  • Project files (*.prw) created in GP-PRO/PBIII for windows Ver. 7.1 or Ver. 7.2 are converted without the functions added in each software version. (However, the timebase functions will be converted.)
  • To convert a project file created in GP-PRO, GP-PROII, GP-PROIII, GP-PRO/PBIII for DOS, or Parts Box, convert it into a .prw file via GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows first, then convert it to a .prx file using the GP-Pro EX's Project Converter.
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