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 The types of symbol variables used in a command should be identical.

In the GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package, symbols can be specified even if the types of them are different in input and output in commands. On the other hand, in the GP-Pro EX, the types should be identical. If the types of symbol variables should be changed for this reason, please use a type convert instruction to make them identical.

In the GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package, even if the type of a symbol variable for input is integer, but that for output is a real number, the symbols can be specified.

In the GP-Pro EX, if the types of symbol variables for input and output are different, an error is detected.

To remove the error, the types of the symbol variables should be changed to be identical with a type convert instruction.
In this example, first replace a real number symbol for output of ADD command with a integer symbol "Integer3."
Then, convert the "Integer3" output to a "RealNumber" by using "Integer -> Real conversion" of I2R command.

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