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Differences of PID Instructions

A control block variable of the PID instruction will be converted to a PID variable. The name of array will be replaced, but its function will not change.

Converting PID Instruction
If you set a control block variable with the PID instruction on GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package...

It will be registered as a PID variable in the [Edit Symbol Variables] settings on GP-Pro EX.

If you used an integer array, which was assigned to a control block of the PID instruction, in other logic parts, a PID variable will be assigned with no change after conversion.

PID variables corresponding to element numbers of GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package are as follows.

GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package's arrays (element number) GP-Pro EX's PID variables Description
Temperature[0].X[1] Temperature.Q PID processing complete flag
Temperature[0].X[2] Temperature.PF PID processing invalidity range flag
Temperature[0].X[3] Temperature.TO Exceeding maximum scaled value
Temperature[0].X[4] Temperature.UO Exceeding minimum scaled value
Temperature[0].X[5] Temperature.IF Integral range processing flag
Temperature[1] Temperature.KP Constant proportion
Temperature[2] Temperature.TR Integral time
Temperature[3] Temperature.TD Differential time
Temperature[4] Temperature.PA PID processing invalidity range
Temperature[5] Temperature.BA Bias (offset)
Temperature[6] Temperature.ST Sampling cycle

* If you have specified a bit other than the 1st to 5th bit of the 0th element of a PID variable, the variable assigned to the operand will be converted to "?."

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