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Conversion of variables to be undefined addresses

In the GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package's variable settings, some of the improper addresses can be set. They are recognized as illegal addresses after converting these data to GP-Pro EX and handled as undefined addresses (-Undefined-.)

Specify a bit position of a real variable / H system variable
If you specified a variable that you have registered as a real variable in the logic program or H system variable (#Year, #Month, #Day, #Weekday, #Screen) by a bit (.X0, etc.) on a screen of GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package...

Specify the Bit 16 to Bit 31 of the LS variable or use real variables to the 16-bit device
If you assigned an LS variable on a device with 16 bits per address and specified one of the upper 16 bits (.X16 to 31)...

Add on a symbol or variable that does not allow to add on
If you added an address on a special variable (Counter.R, etc.) or a system variable...
The use of variables in real numbers for the parts, specified data type except 32 bits
When the variables, registered in a real number by using a logic program on the screen of
GP-Pro/PBIII C-Package, are used for the parts which are created except 32 bits as data type.

"-Undefined-", which indicates the address is undefined, will be displayed in the Bit Address field. Proper performance not only on GP-Pro EX but also on GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package before conversion is not guaranteed. Please change the address.

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