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Values of variables "LS" and "LSS"

If you set a variable "LS" or "LSS" as 32-bit data in the screen or D-script and convert the project file, data of the specification address and the "specification address +1" will be referred.

After converting a project file with the variable LS<100> used in the screen, if the data type of Data Display is 32 bit and "1" is written in LS<100>, it will display "65536".

Data Display settings when the above phenomenon occurs

* If you use a device other than Memory Link, the address will be [#INTERNAL]LS0100 and the same phenomenon will occur.

How to avoid this phenomenon
You can avoid this phenomenon by changing the data type of Data Display to "16 Bit" after conversion. Check the expression in D-Script.

Screen settings
Change [Data Type] to "16 Bit" on the Data Display settings' Basic tab.

* By changing the data type to 16 bit in other function such as D-Script, you can avoid the phenomenon as well.


If you changed the data type to 16 bit in D-Script, make sure to check the expression. Every address in the expression needs to be changed from 32 bit to 16 bit because the data length handled in the corresponding D-Script has been changed to 16 Bit.
If any address that should be handled as 32 bit is included, create User Identified Function for processing 32 bit. By doing so, you can avoid the phenomenon.

E.g.) How to avoid in case the device/PLC is Memory Link and it handles data as below

[#MEMLINK]1000: 16 bit
[#MEMLINK]1001: 32 bit ([#MEMLINK]1001 and [#MEMLINK]1002 are used)
[#MEMLINK]1003: 32 bit ([#MEMLINK]1003 and [#MEMLINK]1004 are used)

* The following versions may cause the above phenomenon.
GP-Pro EX Ver.1.10.000 or higher

Ver. 1.2.0 or higher

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