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 Comparison of Performance Specifications

There are differences of performance specifications between GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package and GP-Pro EX as follows. If you convert data exceeding the restriction, the data may not convert properly.

Items GP-PRO/PB3
( C-Package )
Number of Programs No distinction between INIT, MAIN, and SUB
Depending on the whole volume

Total: 34, 15K steps or 60K steps *1

Number of Program Rungs Unlimited
Depending on the whole volume
5,000 rungs
Number of Instructions per Rung Unlimited 150 instructions *2
Number of Label Characters 32 characters Fixed name (cannot be changed) *3
Number of Labels per Project 8,192 labels 192 labels *4
Number of Devices Depending on the volume of variables 28,000 devices
Number of NT/PT Instructions 8,192 instructions Unlimited
Number of Constants Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Compulsory Changes 512 variables Unlimited
Array Size 65,535 arrays 4,096 arrays
Number of Variables 8,192 variables (Global/Local variables) 9,000 symbol variables
6,000 variables
Number of Real Variables Unlimited 128 variables *5
Length of Variable Name Global Variables: 20 characters
Local Variables: 32 characters
32 characters *6
Number of Variable Comments Unlimited 210 comments (default) *7
Number of Characters per Variable Comment 32,768 characters 32 characters *8
Number of Rung Comments Unlimited 55 comments (default) *7
Number of Characters per Rung Comment 32,768 characters 128 characters *8
Number of Program Comments 1 comment 34 comments
Number of Characters per Program Comments 32,768 characters 30 characters *8
Nest 25 nests 50 nests
Input/Output Points 1,008 points Bit Input: 512 points
Bit Output: 512 points
Integer Input: 128 points
Integer Output: 128 points *9
Number of PID Instructions Unlimited 8 instructions

*1 If you change the memory settings related to the logic area of GP-Pro EX, the maximum number of logic steps will expand from 15,000 to 60,000 steps. However, by doing so, the upper limit of the screen data memory will be reduced by 1MB (reduces 8MB to 7MB for the large-typed GP units, 6MB to 5MB for the medium-sized GP (except AGP-3310T/AGP-3360T) / LT units.
This feature is supported by GP3300 to 3700 series, the LT3200, 3300 series only.
For the details, see Logic Memory.
*2 If you convert .prw data that has more than 150 instructions in a rung, which exceeds GP-Pro EX's limitation, the following message will appear and the data can't be converted to data for GP-Pro EX. Reduce instructions to 150 or less in a rung in C-Package before conversion.

*3 Label names set in C-Package are converted to comments.
*4 Label names are selected optionally from Label Names from [LABEL-001] to [LABEL-192].
*5 As 3 temporary variables of real variables are automatically created after converting from C-Package, the number of real variables for actual use is 125.
Temporary Variables

If you convert .prw data that has more than 125 real variables, which exceeds GP-PRo EX's limitation, the following message will appear and the data can't be converted to data for GP-Pro EX. Reduce real variables to 125 or less in C-Package before conversion.

*6 Single-byte only
*7 Program capacity will decrease if you increase the number of Comments.
*8 Single-byte only. Characters exceeding the maximum number will be deleted.
*9 If the converted data has more I/O Points than the maximum number that you can set in GP-Pro EX, an error message will be displayed when you execute the Error Check.

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