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Solution when the filled object called to another screen is displayed differently

GP-Pro EX does not have the [Fill] settings. If you have set [Fill] in GP-PRO/PB3, [Square/rectangle], [Polygon], etc. will be converted to a different Draw feature or a "Filled" object.

If you filled a whole screen and loaded it to another screen in GP-PRO/PB3 as follows, GP-Pro EX displays differently.

When filling a whole screen and loading it to another screen



The Load Screen feature is set on a Square/Rectangle object in the center of a screen and the loaded screen is displayed only in the area of the Square/Rectangle. Using the Call Screen feature, the actual size of the loaded screen is displayed.

How to edit in GP-Pro EX

GP-Pro EX does not have the [Fill] settings. Use the Rectangle's Fill feature.

1. The filled B100 is displayed on the entire screen of the B1.
(The loaded B100 is moved down in the right figure.)
Delete the [Call Screen].
2 Double-click the Rectangle to edit.
3 Check [Fill].
4. Select the Display Color.
5. Click [OK] to finish editing.
The Rectangle displays the same as before conversion.

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