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Precautions for conversion when filing data is saved in a CF card

If you used the GP-PRO/PB3's [Filing Data] feature and saved the filing data in a CF card, set the Data Type to [Project File (*.PRW)] before converting it to GP-Pro EX.

If you select [CF Card Data], the filing data cannot be converted.

The following shows an example of how to convert a project file with CF card data.

Example of how to convert a project file with the Project Converter


Select [Project File (*.prw)] for Data Type.

2. Click [Browse…] in [Convert-From] and specify a GP-PRO/PB3 project file.

3. Click [Browse…] in [Convert-To]. Enter the GP-Pro EX file name after conversion and click [Save].

4. Click [Convert].

5. The confirmation window to ask if you change the data for CF card to that for GP-Pro EX will appear. Click [Yes].

6. Specify the output destination of the CF card data for GP-Pro EX after conversion. If there is no file available, you can create a new folder by clicking the [Make New Folder] button.             
Converting a project file is completed.

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