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How to edit a filled [Arc/Pie]

GP-Pro EX does not have the [Fill] settings. If you have set [Fill] in GP-PRO/PB3, [Square/Rectangle], [Polygon], etc. will be converted to a different Draw feature or a "Filled" object. However, if one is converted to a "Filled" object, some space may be seen around the border.


If this happens, you can edit by using the "Fill" feature of the object.
The procedures to edit are as follows:
How to edit in GP-Pro EX

1. The "Filled" Arc/Pie is converted to an Arc/Pie and filled Polygons. Delete the filled polygons.
2. Double-click the Arc/Pie to edit.

Check [Fill].
4. Select the Display Color.

Click [OK] to finish editing.
The Arc/Pie displays the same as before conversion.

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