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Compatibility of Trend Graph

GP-PRO/PB3's [Trend] screen is converted to GP-ProEX's [Historical Trend Graph] parts and [Sampling Settings], or [Data Block Display] part. You can use them in the same way as before conversion.

If the [Graph Type] of the [Trend screen is set to "Normal" or "Pen Recorder", it will be converted to the [Historical Trend Graph] part and the [Sampling Settings]. If "Block Display", it will be converted to [Data Block Display Graph]. The will be automatically placed on each vacant base screen in the 9000's.

Also, the Load Screen feature will be converted automatically, and you do not need to edit it.

Conversion Table of Trend Graph

Channel Settings of Trend Graph Settings After Conversion
Normal Historical Trend Graph parts + Sampling Settings
Pen Recorder Historical Trend Graph parts + Sampling Settings
Block Display Data Block Display Graph

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