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 Password at the time of transfer

If you forget your password,

Countermeasure for the case you forget your password

1. Initializing GP's memory(*1)(*2
2. Canceling the password setting(*3
i) Create a new project and match GP type and PLC type with the original ones.
ii) Select [Project Manager] → [Utility] → [Screen Copy] and perform Copy with [All]. If you do so, the password information of receiving/sending will not be copied. It's possible to transfer data without the password from the next time.
iii) Transfer the copied project file to GP.

Password for sending/receiving?

Since only the person who knows the password can send/receive data, it's possible to prevent important screen data from being rewritten by mistake.

Password Setting Place

Select GP-PRO/PB III's [Transfer] → [Setup] → [Password] and there, a password for sending/receiving can be set.
If a password is set there, you will be asked about the password when sending/receiving a screen.

*1 How to initialize memory
From GP's OFFLINE, select [INITIALIZE] → [INITIALIZE GP MEMORY]. The password is [1101] at default.

*2 The reason why memory is initialized
The set password is memorized in the GP unit. Therefore, if you forget your password, there's no way but initializing the GP's memory. However, if the memory is initialized, the GP's screen data will disappear.

*3 The reason why the password setting is cancelled
Following the step 1, the password memorized in the GP unit can be deleted. However, since the password is set with the drawing software originally, if you send the project file with the password already set again, you will be asked about the password from the next time. Therefore, it's necessary to cancel the password on the drawing software's side.
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