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 Can GPW-CB-SET(GP430-CU02-M) be used for current GP units?

What's GPW-CB-SET?

It's a set of a screen-transferring cable called GP430-CU02-M and a 9-25 pin conversion connecter.

It's supported by all the GP *30・*50・*70・*377・*77R・2000 series. However, GPW-CB-SET(GP430-CU02-M)has been already discontinued. Currently, Screen-Transferring Cable GPW-CB02(D-sub25 pin/RS-232C) and Screen-Transferring Cable GPW-CB03(PC's side USB type*) have been sold.

For details, please refer to [Differences between GP430-CU02-M and GPW-CB02].

* C-package02 V6.23 or higher and installing USB Driver are required. (The Driver is packed together with a USB transferring cable.)
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