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 Once the Screen of GP operated on, the Screen is displayed at a moment, but right after that Screen gets black down.

There is possibility that you might have operated Backlight OFF Bit of the System Data Area and Screen Display ON/OFF Area.

Check and Recovery
If GP is connected to PLC, please pull out the communication cable from PLC and switch only GP on and off. If GP displays, please check 3 points with System Data Area.


< 1. System data area + 14, 0bit >
(Memory link protocol is address 11, 0 bit.)


If you turn this bit address ON at the PLC program or using a touch switch, GP's backlight will be turn OFF ( = Black screen) .
Therefore turn this bit address OFF.
(For the models which don't have backlight,e.g.. GP477R or Gp470, this feature of the backlight control doesn't work.)


<2. System data area +9>

  (Memory link protocol is address 12.)


When the value 0 is stored to address +9, the screen is turned ON.(displayed).
When the value FFFF(Hex) is stored to address +9, the screen is turned OFF (not displayed).
If the value except 0 and FFFF(Hex) is stored, the value means [minute] and when the specified minutes have passed, the screen turns OFF automatically.
Therefore always store the value 0 to address +9.

<3. System data area start address>


System data area is registered 20 words from the specified start address automatically.
Therefore when the start address is set, use the excluded addressed from parts/tags or PLC program.


The addresses which can set at system start address differ depending on each PLC device.
See Device/PLC connection manual to get the details.


How to set [Starting Address of System Data Area]


In case that you setup with GP 

Please display [Offline Screen]. Please refer [How to display Offline Screen]

Please select [Main Menu] [1. Initial Settings] [Setup Operation Surroundings (1:1 or 1:n)] to open [PLC Setup].

Please set [Starting Address of System Data Area].

After you finish settings, please return to the Operation Screen with [Operate] from [Main Menu].

In case you set with the Software.  

Please select [GP Setup] on [Project Manager].



[Please set [System Start Address] on the [Mode Settings] tab.


Please retransfer with GP System.
Please click [Transfer] icon on [Project Manager] to open [Transfer] window.

Please select [Setup] from [Transfer] to open [Transfer Settings]


Please make sure that you have checked on [GP System Screen] before transfer.

If you do not check it on, the system settings that you have set with the software will not be reflected on GP.

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