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 When the parts are put upon other parts, the displays show wrong.


When the Parts with function which switches Real Time Display, such as changes of Bit ON/OFF, PLC Data Display and so on, are put on another parts, the latest renewed Data comes to the very front because of the change of PLC?device.

Therefore, the older Parts will be hidden and the Displays cannot be shown right.

Please be acknowledge not to put the Parts with the function which switches Real Time Display in accordance with PLC Data Change, upon other parts.

<The Parts which switch the Display on Real Time>

  Bit Switches ( with Condition Change ), Lamps, Numeric Display, Keypad, Graphs, Alarms, etc
In case that Bit Switch is put upon Numeric Display

The Value Display of the Numeric Display is renewed in accordance with PLC Data Condition on real time.

If you put Bit Switch upon the Numeric Display, only the Numeric Parts which are renewed on the Switch will stand out.

After this , if Bit Condition is changed such as Bit ON/OFF, the Switch will be displayed before the Numeric Display. Therefore, the numbers will be hidden and only the Switch will be displayed.

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