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Is L tag set?


L tag can call drawings on the base screen.If you set L-tags, confirm which screen does it call.

If you set [Indirect] setting of L tag, confirm the data stored in the word address.
In case of setting,[The data stored in the word address = the number of base screen called L tag.]

Is Window set?

  Please check that U Tag, or Window of parts are set or not.
Is H Tag or F Tag set?

  H Tag is the function with which you can draw on the optional coordinate positions, based on the data which is stored in Word Address of PLC.

Also, F Tag is the function with which you can call the pictures on Base Screen to the optional coordinate positions.

In case that these Tags are set, please confirm that the data in Word Address is proper,

Is [Draw] command used on D Script?

  In case that the command as below is set on Fomula of D Script, Screen Call or Drawing Circle, Rectangle, Line and Dot will be operated.
In case of setting to switch screens by Standby Mode Time.

  In case that the change screen by Standby Mode Time is set, please confirm the change screen numbers are proper.

Please select [Screen/Setup] on Project Manager, and then please follow as [GP Setup] -> [Systerm Settings] -> [Change Screen No.] to set up.

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