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 How to manually specify "IP Address" of a graphic operator interface and transfer data via Ethernet

When data are transferred on GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows via Ethernet, the IP address of the destination graphic operator interface can be automatically detected, but it can be also specified manually before data are transferred. Here's the setup procedure.
1. Click the [Transfer] button on the Project Manager of GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows or click [Transfer] on the [Project] menu.
2. The [Transfer] screen appears. Click [Transfer Settings] on the [Setup] menu.
3. The [Transfer Settings] screen appears.
Select [Ethernet] of [Communications Port], enter the IP address of the destination graphic operator interface, and click [OK]. (It’s not necessary to change "8000" for the port number.)
4. The [Transfer] screen is back.
  Click [Send] or [Receive] on the [Transfer] menu to start transfer.
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