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 How to use a USB serial conversion cable or a USB transfer cable in the Windows XP mode of  Windows® 7

In order to use a USB-serial conversion cable or a USB transfer cable (GPW-CB03) in the Windows XP mode of Windows® 7, install the driver following the steps below.
- For Windows® 7-supporting operation of GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows, click here.
- The USB serial conversion cable whose proper operation for Windows® 7 has been confirmed is a cable made by IO DATA, "USB-RSQA3". For the details, click here.
1. Start Windows® 7 in the Windows XP mode.
2. Copy the driver of the cable to be connected to any location.
To download the driver of the USB transfer cable (GPW-CB03), click here.
3. Connect the cable to the USB port of the PC.
4. Click [Unidentified Device] on the [USB] menu.
5. Hardware wizard starts. Select [No, not this time] and click [Next].
6. Select [Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]] and click [Next].
7. Select [Search for the best driver in these locations] and specify the location to which the cable driver was copied in the step 2.
8. Install the driver following the instructions shown on the screen.
  After making the settings above, the USB-serial conversion cable or the USB transfer cable (GPW-CB03) can be used in the Window XP mode of Windows® 7.
Even if the power of the PC is turned off after the cable is disconnected, the cable can be used with following the steps 3 and 4 above after the PC is re-started.
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