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 The dialog says [Invalid Screen] when save the screen.

Check the below points.
In case that you enter the screen numbers in 2 bites code character.
(Japanese,chinese or korean) 
→ to <Solution 1>
In case that you have set [BCD] as Screen Number Data Type   →to <Solution 2>

<Solution 1>
  Please enter the screen number in half-size numbers. Please do not enter it in full-size numbers.

<Solution 2>
  It is possible to select [BIN] or [BCD] to specify the data type of the screen numbers in System Settings, when you change the screens. Please set the Screen Numbers between 1 to 1999 in case the Screen Number is set as [BCD].

The range of screen number

Data type

The range of screen number
  How to set

How to setup Screen Number Data Type

In case that you setup with GP

1. Please display [Offline] screen.

Click to refer[How to get in Offline Screen]

2. Please follow as [Main Menu]->[1. Initial Setup]->[1.System Environment Setup]->[1.System Settings]. Please set [Screen Number Data Type].
  After settings, please return to Main Menu and click [Operation] to return to Operation Screen.

In case that you setup with the Screen Creation Software

1. Please select the icon [GP Setup] on [Project Manager].

2. Please setup [Screen No. Data Type] from [GP Settings] tab.

3. After settings, please retransfer with [GP System]

Please click the [transfer] icon on [Project Manager] to open [Transfer] window. Please select [Transfer Settings] from [Setup] and display [Transfer Settings]


  Please make sure that you have checked on [GP System Screen] before transfer.
  If you do not check it on, [System Settings] which you have set with the Software will not be reflected on GP.
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