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 Can't open the project file.

Check below points.
In case that you try to open Project File in a floppy disk, or try to open Project File of the PC which is connected to Network . to <Solution 1>
In case that error message is displayed. to < Solution 2>

<Solution 1>
  Please copy Project File in a floppy disk or Project File of the PC which is connected to Network, to Hard Disk of the PC .

After that, please check whether the screen can be opened or not.

<Solution 2>
  Please check what the error message says.

[System file is corrupt]
[System error]
[System open error]
[Can't read the file's system information]

The Screen Creation Data might be damaged .Please rebuild to correct the data, and please check after retransfer.


[ System version error]
[ Can't edit-Insufficient memory]
[ Format error]
[Can't read system file]
[ Unable to read current project information]

There is a possibility that the Project File which you try to open was created with the Software with the upper version than the Software that you are currently using.

Pro-Face products are upper compatible, and to edit and transfer with the software with the lower version is out of operation guarantee.

Please check with which version of the software the project file was made and confirm whether it is possible to open with the software or the upper version or not.

What is [Rebuild]?

It is the software which recovers and optimizes the screen creation data as much as possible when it is damaged.
It is installed in the same folder as the screen creation software.

Start up [Rebuild] tool

GP-PRO/PB III C-Package03


Please select [Rebuild Tool] from [Utility] on [Project Manager] menu bar.

GP-PRO/PB III C-Package01~C-Package02
  WIndows [Start]-> [Program]-> [Pro-face]-> [ProPB3]-> [3.Rebuild].

  Windows[Start] ->[Program]->[ProPB3Win]-> [3.Rebuild].

How to Rebuild
  1. Please select [File] from the menu bar and [Open] . Please select the file.

  2. After select [Actions]->[Start], optimizing will start

  3. When the status says [File is Rebuilt] , it finished rebuilding

In case that you failed in Rebuild

  Once you rebuild the file named XX.prw, the back-up file named XX.&OG will be created.

when you change the expansion of the file to .prw, you can return the file to Project File.

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